About Us

Coins: a perfect blend of social change and environmental impact

Walkman is a free application founded on 14th February, 2019 by Green Coins. It's a unique invention inspired from American app called 'Charity Miles' with a motive to demolish the problem created by extensive use of vehicles and promote walking or cycling over using vehicles.

About GreenCoins

The every step you take from one place to another gets tracked in Walkman app from which you can get green coins as a virtual currency. These green coins can later be actuated to get discounts for various products/ services on its associated companies or receive goods from its own e-commerce platform called 'Hariyo Bazaar'

In order to avoid the improper use of the app by riding cars or motorbikes Walkman-Green get green coins, it has specified the average speed of 20kmph. A user can earn 100 virtual green coins with every 1000 steps taken in a day as the research conducted before the operation unfolded the average 1000 steps can help a person to remain healthy both physically and mentally.

They can also earn green coins with the use of electric vehicles, upcycled products and recycled products through its partnered companies like Tyretreatures and Khaalisisi as it aspires to motivate people to get fitter and use environmentally friendly alternatives as much as possible. Every green coins has a carbon-related value. The carbon emission matrix of the Walkman calculates the amount of carbon decreased with every step. 8.19 gram CO2 is reduced with an earning of the single green coin which tends to decrease more carbon emission by producing more green coins.

The idea was awakened back in 2015 to only keep track of steps taken and the number of calories burnt. But the non-profit model was rejected due to its instability in the startup acceleration programme. After its transformation into a sustainable model enduring to make social change, walkman was able to win different startup events and have collaborated with various B2B partners now.